Armature ORMENO.:IM543 REPLACING:233697, 594219 CARGO:233697

Armature ORMENO.:IM543 REP

Dimensions:19-Splines, Slots: 27, Dim:397 mm OAL, O.D. 85 mm...

Armature ORME NO.:IM519 REPLACING:101581,102380,131813, NE053, NE620 CARGO:101581

Armature ORME NO.:IM519 RE

Dimensions:9-Splines, Slots: 19, Dim:185 mm OAL, O.D. 60 mm,...

Armature ORME NO.:IM527 REPLACING:101766, NE055 CARGO:101766

Armature ORME NO.:IM527 RE

Dimen$ions:12・Splines, Slots: 19, Dim:210 mm OAL, O.D. 60 mm...

Armature ORMENO.:IM527A REPLACING:101766, NE055 CARGO:101766

Armature ORMENO.:IM527A RE

Dimensions:12-Splines, Slots: 19, Dim:210 mm OAL, O.D.60mm, ...

Armature ORMENO.:IM542 REPLACING:135387,182591, 594112, NE824 CARGO:135387

Armature ORMENO.:IM542 REP

Dimensions:16>Splines, Slots: 19, Dim:141 mm OAL O.D. 50 mm,...

Armature ORMENO.IM544 REPLACING:594192,438056, 455503

Armature ORMENO.IM544 REPL

Dimensions:19-Splines, Slots: 27, Dim:433 mm OAL, O.D. 85 mm...

Armature ORME NO.:IM536 REPLACING:132027,182049,182175, 594148, NE407, NE410 CARGO:132027

Armature ORME NO.:IM536 RE

Dimensions:Slots:19, Dim:137 mm OAL, O.D.59.9mm, ...

Armature ORMENO.:IM3157 REPLACING:236611 CARGO:236611

Armature ORMENO.:IM3157 RE

Dimensions:13-Splines, Slots: 23, Dim:112 mmOAL, O.D. 44.25 ...

Armature ORMENO.:IM3129 REPLACING:230250, 594228, 594528, 594530 CARGO:230250

Armature ORMENO.:IM3129 RE

Dimensions:7-Splines, Slots: 23, Dim:112 mm OAL, O.D. 44.15m...

Armature ORME NO.IM3153/IM5250 REPLACING:D6G

Armature ORME NO.IM3153/IM

Dimensions:10-Splines, Slots: 23, Dim:112 mm OAL, O.D. 44.15...

Armature ORMENO.:IM539 REPLACING:l39593, 594176, 594529, 594531, NE865 CARGO:139593

Armature ORMENO.:IM539 REP

Dimensions:8-Splines, Slots: 23, Dim:112 mm OAL, O.D.44mm, ...

Armature ORMENO.:IM540 REPLACING:134513, 594019, 594021, 594526, NE782 CARGO:134513

Armature ORMENO.:IM540 REP

Dimensions:13-Splines, Slots: 23, Dim:111mm OAL, O.D.44mm, ...

Armature ORME NO.:IM220 REPLACING:TJB115, TJT115, 54269554

Armature ORME NO.:IM220 RE

Dimensions:12-Splines, Slots: 21, Dim:329 mm OAL, O.D. 84」mm...

Armature ORME NO.:IM202 REPLACING:130878, 54243592, TJB104 CARGO:l30878

Armature ORME NO.:IM202 RE

Dimensions:12-Splines, Slots: 21, Dim:329.5 mm OAL, O.D.84.1...

Armature ORMENO.:IM218 REPLACING:130200. 54243590, TJB103

Armature ORMENO.:IM218 REP

Dimensions:12-Splines, Slots: 21, Dim:302 mm OAL, O.D. 84.1 ...

Armature ORME NO.:IM-800 REPLACING:443937150882, 443937150880. 7150882

Armature ORME NO.:IM-800 R

Dimensions:12-Splines, Slots: 23, Dim:131 mm OAL, O.D.49mm, ...

Armature ORMENO.:IM211 REPLACING:133368, 54268382, 54292376, TJB111, TJB113, TJB114 CARGO:133368

Armature ORMENO.:IM211 REP

Dimensions:12-Splines, Slots: 21, Dim:302 mm OAL, O.D. 84.1 ...

Armature ORME NO.:MM-322 REPLAClNG:72314031

Armature ORME NO.:MM-322 R

Dimensions:12-Splines, Slots: 33, Dim:321 mm OAl, O.D.74.8mm...

Armature ORMENO.:IM201 REPLACING:TIT201, 61240575

Armature ORMENO.:IM201 REP

Dimensions:12-Splines, Slots: 37, Dim:329 mm OAL, O.D.74.4mm...

Armature ORME NO.:IM43 REPLACING:130360, 4142225, 4198600, 4202983, 4255494, 74861761 CARGO:130360

Armature ORME NO.:IM43 REP

Dimensions:12-Splines, Slots: 19, Dim:250 mm OAl, O.D.54.3mm...

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