About us

Zhenzhong Industrial Co.,Ltd is a prefesional alternator ,starter motor, DC motor manufacturer & supplier in China  , and has also been an OEM and aftermarket supplier in the world. We have strong development capacity, and have developed over 1500 new units in the past 15 years and are continuing to add new part numbers every month.

Not like some poor suppliers, we are OEM & aftermarket supplier and can also offer OE quality products in the aftermarket. Most of our components are made in house, includes stators, rotors, armatures, field coils, aluminum brackets, pulley,etc.

At our company, our management system was registered to ISO-TS16949 quality standard. We uses it's management system as a tool to ensure that the customer's requirements Our products are 100% tested and inspected throughout the manufacturing process using Consecutive Check Approach to ensure it meets our standards for quality.


- Automotive
- Industrial & Agricultural : Backhoes,Combines,Compact Tractors,Crawlers,Excavators
Farm & Ind. Tractors, Lift Trucks, Skid Steers, Utility Vehicles, Generator Set ,and much more
- Lawn & Garden / Small Engine
- Truck & Bus
- Marine: Inboard and Outboard, Tilt & Trim
- Power Sport: Motocycle, ATV,UTV, Golf Cart,Personal Watercraft
- DC Motor: Marine Thrusters ,anchor gera, Windlasses, Winch, Mooring system,Hydraulic power unit/pack, liftgate/tail lift, lift platform, dump truck,etc.

Covering Range

- Alternator : 20 Amps to 250 Amps for 12 Voltage and 24 Voltage
- Starter Motor / DC Motor : 0.2Kw to 15 Kw for 12 Voltage, 24 Voltage,36 Voltage,48 Voltage


Contact: Overseas Sales Dept.

Phone: +86 18905900790 ( WhatsApp / Wechat )

Tel: +86 59183323271

Email: sales@rotating-electric.com

Add: Pushang Industry Zone,Fuan,Fujian,China

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